Rest Day Ride

July 10, 2012

You from Joisey? I’m from Joisey. What exit?! – Paulie Herman aka Joe Piscipo

I moved to the Garden State 21 years ago.  It has been really hard putting down roots in the state known for more jokes than anything else.  Must be the hard red clay soil.  When you say New Jersey, most people think of the Turnpike up by the Pulaski skyway. Today, they also think of the Sopranos, Jerseylicious and, of course, the Jersey Shore (FYI, the cast is from Staten Island and don’t get me started on Staten Island).

We can’t claim a major city.  Half the state is a Philadelphia suburb and the other half is a New York suburb. We have the highest taxes in the country, our only sports team is the New Jersey Devils hockey team.  Yes the Jets owner lives in NJ, the team’s offices are in NJ, the team practices in NJ, all their home games are in NJ but they call themselves the NY Jets. Bet you didn’t know the Statue of Liberty is in New Jersey.

Anyway, you have to admit that New Jersey is an acquired taste.  Let me show you why I love the state.    It has the best riding anywhere.  Wide shoulders, great roads, and varied topography make Central New Jersey a great place to ride.  I can take a flat smooth ride or climb a 3 mile long mountain (avg. 7% max 14%) within a few miles.  And you can’t beat the sunrises.

The real NJ. Less than five miles from the Gatsby Salon, home of Jerseylicious. I guess they forgot to film this part.