Do I gloat or cry

July 23, 2013

Since 1998, pro cycling has been the dirty sport.  The sport of cheats.  I have endured many an evening of good natured ribbing by my friends.  My retort was to say that just because you don’t look for a problem, does not mean it does not exist.  My logic was always that if people cheat in cycling, wouldn’t they cheat to a greater extent in sports such as baseball and football where the stakes and rewards were much higher?

Today, there is a well written article from Steven Goldman at SB Nation talking about the first in what should be a series of suspensions by Major League baseball.  It seems there is enough evidence in the Biogenesis investigation to possibly make this the MLB version of Operation Puerto.  Ryan Braun who beat a positive test to keep his 2011 National League MVP will not contest the evidence against him this time.

I would suggest you read the article.  I sense an undertone of “not my kid” here.  As a parent, we all know kids do bad things.  When we see a kid get in trouble, we have the urge to look down our nose at their family and say “Well, I always knew Johnny was a bad kid.  His parents must not have raised him right.”  Then when the police call your house, there is a narcissistic feeling about “How could this happen to me?”

Read this column and see if there is that feeling.  See if Mr. Goldman is saying “I get cycling look at them.  But how could this happen to baseball?”

I think I’ll cry with Mr. Goldman and let him know it happens to all families er… sports.


Break out the black armbands. The Governor is not calling.

March 27, 2009

Cue Mozart’s Requiem

Imagine you were a die hard football fan living in Canton OH, or a baseball fan living in Cooperstown, NY.  What would you do if you heard the hall of fame was leaving your home town and no one cared enough to stop it.  That’s how I feel today.

The US Bicycle hall of fame is leaving my home town of Somerville, NJ.  Sources here say it is 90% certain that it will head for Greensboro North Carolina.  Either way, I feel like my heart just got ripped out.  

Ever since my children were born, we had a tradition of attending the oldest bicycle race in the US, The Tour of Somerville.  Part of the day included a stop at the Hall of Fame.  I would walk my kids around looking at all the memorabilia in the building.  When my daughter was 6 years old she pointed at the framed rainbow jersey and squealed “Mario Cippollini!”  

We would make a donation walk right out onto Main Street to watch the action.  The Hall had to move from that storefront.  A victim of progress that claimed the all the stores in the vicinity.  In its place a new modern shopping hub would provide the Hall of Fame it’s proper place.  In fact, there was even talk of a velodrome.  Sadly, the builder became a victim too.  One of endless lawsuits with the town and ultimately the economy.  For the past two years, the shopping center sits behind yellow tape an empty shell.

The Hall suffered from an out of sight out of mind syndrome and funding slowed to a trickle.  That’s when the bids went out for a new home.  Several NJ towns stepped up and made, in my opinion, half hearted attempts to save this piece of NJ history.  The state refused to step in and that was that.

I’ll still go to the Tour of Somerville until that becomes the Tour of Somewhere Else.  Now all I have of NJ is the highest US taxes, highest US unemployment, and the Turnpike.