Shouldn’t the trophy be worth the effort?

Like hundreds of millions of people across the world, I watched the recent World Cup.  I was drawn into the drama of the world’s most popular sport.  I marveled at the athleticism and groaned at the flopping. 

Now that it is over, I am left wondering.  Shouldn’t the trophy be reflective of the effort?  


After a month of playing in places like the Amazon rain forest, the trophy seems a bit, uh puny? Not that I am saying there should be trophy envy or that size matters but if you look at what cyclists get for riding through the mountains of  Italy for three weeks, it seems appropriate.

2014 giro winner

I know Quintana is a petite man but I think you get the drift.  


Fifa trophy makers.  Here is a suggestion for the suggestion box.  Don’t give a trophy that can fit in a carry on bag for the ride home.  

Just saying.



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