This tour looks familiar…..

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Chinese Proverb

Fool me four times, call me a cynic.  I believed in Tyler Hamilton, I bought the whole Basso mother story.  I wanted fairness for Floyd.  I even allowed myself to bid chapeau to Lance in 2005.

Now we have Chris Froome.  After seeing Chris Froome chomping at the bit last year, I could not wait until the Grand Depart for this year’s Tour de France.  After watching stage 11, there was something familiar going on.  Then stage 15 up to Ventoux.  That attack.  I’ve seen that somewhere.  Where could that have been.  Ah yes.  This looked too much like the Lance Armstrong recipe.  I always knew climbers and time trialists were two totally different breeds.  You could be good at both but if you were great at one (Indurain), you could not be great at the other.  A 6’1” 158 pound man is the build a time trialist should have.  Could he chase down and destroy a 5’5″ 126 pound pure climber who lived at 10,000 feet?  I never thought that could be true until I suspended it for Lance.  Should I believe my head or my quadrice broken heart?

I know there is a lot of buzz going on and some of it has died down after Froome cracked on L’ Alpe.  But I remember someone else cracking after chasing down Marco Pantani.

I wish I knew what to do.


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