Will team SKY bet it all on Wiggins?

I will be watching the ITT tomorrow very closely.  If team SKY really thinks they have a Tour winner, they should hold back phenom-in-waiting Chris Fromme.  Holding him back serves two purposes.  It will save him for later in the race when his support will be needed and it will also take him out of any contention for yellow thus ending any potential controversy before it starts. So, they should hold Fromme back.



While I like Wiggins, I just don’t see him as the Tour winner type.  He seems to be good enough without being great.  This year, good enough might actually win it.  The point is, I think Fromme is going to be great.  I felt this way before and during the Vuelta last year.  After the Vuelta, I knew it.  Fromme is the better long-term bet for SKY.  Why not keep him in contention just in case good enough is not good enough?



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