Farewell old friend

They say that breakin’ up is hard to do.
Now I know, I know that it’s true.
Don’t say that this is the end.
Instead of breakin’ up,
I wish that
we were makin’ up again – Neil Sedaka

On my ride Wednesday morning, I flatted.  Again.  Since I was not under any time pressure, I took my time fixing my flat.  I thoroughly inspected my tire and found several small cuts.  This is not the first time I experienced this with my tires.  Looking below the tire at the street, I saw the culprit.  There are thousands of tiny “chips” that adorn almost every inch of road here in New Jersey.

I love riding in New Jersey.  The terrain is both challenging and beautiful.  The shoulders are wide and safe.  Within a few miles, I am riding up long sweeping hills and descending by beautiful horse farms.  The problem is that I can no longer trust the road beneath my wheels.

New Jersey has been run so poorly over the last several decades that there is absolutely no money left.  No other place shows this more than the road system.  Roads sit in disrepair until as a last resort, the chip and seal truck drops a coating of gravel as a desperate attempt to avoid any type of paving.

Taking a corner becomes a religious experience.  I pray before every one.  Now, I have to give up one of my favorite things.  My Vittoria tires.

To me, there are two choices of equipment that are very personal.  These are saddles and tires.  No one works for everyone.  For me, having my Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX on my bike was like slipping on my favorite shoes.  They felt great.  Other tires felt like work boots but Vittoria’s felt like slippers.  Alas, with tires tickling the triple digit mark, I can’t afford this luxury any more.

I’m switching to another set of tires that I auditioned last season.  I tried a pair of Continental 4000 tires for a few months and they rode great.  They did not feel like they were custom-made just for me but they felt great.  More importantly, they survived the harsh roads here in NJ.

I almost bought the Vittoria Pave but just can’t take the chance right now.  I’d be interested in feedback from anyone who rides them.  So, until New Jersey paves some roads or until I move out of state, I’m a Continental man.  But I’ll never forget my first true love.


3 Responses to Farewell old friend

  1. I sliced a CSC limited edition (all red) Open Corsa 3 miles into a ride with the missus. Just about broke my heart. I use them only on race wheels now. The last pair of those all-red tires are in their 3rd season now. But, like you, I won’t ride them on our roads either.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Ah the CSC tires. I went through 4 in one season two years ago. I used to ride one pair the whole year then use the front tire as my trainer tire in the winter. Each spring, I would start fresh.

  3. John Talanca says:

    Peloton Jim,

    As I mentioned earlier, I also just blew out my Open Corsa last week. Sidewall ripped by a 1/4 gash. Absolutely caused by lousy Jersey roads (I’m a very good driver and selfishly rarely introduce my tires to potholes and cracks looking for some excitement.). Nice tires they were. Rode smooth. Comfy. Also, in hindsight, I also flattened more with these tires than any other tire. Mmmm.

    Like you, I’m back to my Conti 4Ks. Light, tough, and durable. As for the remaining Vittoria tire, it has now been demoted to winter rear wheel trainer tire.


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