Start Spreading the News…

If I can ride it there

I can ride it anywhere

It’s up to you New York, New York – apologies to Old Blue Eyes.

Sometimes you give an ‘A’ for effort.  The Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer released his report on the state of bike lanes in Manhattan. It seems that there is enough blame to go around.  For our part, cyclists need to obey basic traffic rules.  Do not run red lights, ride on the sidewalk, or ride the wrong way down a street.  These three activities are never smart but in Manhattan?  Come on!  Even if most of these infractions are by messengers, we can do a little better to make NYC bike friendly.

Now for the big issues that Mr. Stringer is looking to change.

  • Lane blockages – including NYPD using bike lanes in non emergency situations to avoid traffic
  • Pedestrians in bike lane.
  • Dooring – big issue with taxis.

Mr. Stringer, you have my full support.  Here is the full report.


Dear Friend,

After receiving numerous constituent complaints, my office studied bike lane use in neighborhoods throughout Manhattan. The verdict was clear: while bike lanes bring a tremendous benefit to New York City, misuse by all parties— motorists, pedestrians and cyclists —undermines their success. Over 22 hours my staff observed more than 1,700 infractions ranging from motor vehicles driving through the lanes and pedestrian use to cyclists going the wrong direction.

Today I announced the results of this unprecedented study, entitled Respect the Bike Lane and Clear the Path, and proposed several key recommendations to improve bike lane safety including increased enforcement, a public education campaign on dooring, and reserving parking spots for deliveries along commercial streets to discourage potential bike lane blockages

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on this or any other work my office is doing please do not hesitate to call


Scott M. Stringer
Manhattan Borough President


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