The rumor that will never die

A Grand Tour stage in the US?  Wouldn’t that be great?  Seeing the best riders in their best form competing on US soil.   On top of that, having them compete on the East Coast, in my back yard. 

Each time I read this story, I pause for a moment and let the feelings wash over me.  I always wanted to see the Giro.  Who would have thought I could see it via Amtrak vs. Continental Airlines?  The possibilities.  We could top London as the best place to launch a Grand Tour.

Then in the blink of an eye, reality sets in and those feelings are washed away.  What are they crazy?  A 3,500 – 4,000 mile transfer across multiple time zones? 

Well, cycling news is the latest to report that the RCS Sport  is looking to start the 2012 Giro in Washington DC.  Thanks for the thought fellas but let’s think of the racers.  I don’t think having the Tour of California and the Giro both running simultaneously in the US is a smart idea.  Let it go. There is a danger that if you talk about a topic long enough, you begin to believe it is possible.

Then again, remember Live Aid a few years ago? Phil Collins played on two continents on the same day.  Maybe Lance can race in two UCI races on the same day.  Think of the publicity.  He rides the prologue, which could be held at a private airport, then he climbs aboard Air Lance and jets to the West Coast. Brilliant!


4 Responses to The rumor that will never die

  1. Bryan says:

    Yeah, this makes no sense to me at all. It’s not practical for any reason other than PR and to punch back at the ToC moving their dates. I wonder if the folks in DC even gave any consideration to the impact it would have on another major stage race taking place on within the same country at the same time.

  2. mildstallion says:

    I’m still waiting on the Tour of America to happen. *sarcasm*

  3. pelotonjim says:

    Bryan. Another demonstration that riders are fodder to the race machine. Talk about sending American jobs overseas! Outsourcing a bike race? The outrage! At least tax the riders for working one day in the US!

    Sorry, I was on a roll. As for the Tour of America? One can dream.

  4. mildstallion says:

    Tax the riders? Hey, I live in New York State. Everything’s fair game here.

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