Class, you all get an A for today

I really enjoyed today’s stage.  Contador attacked as we all thought he would/should.  If you are a Contador fan, you have to be giddy about today.  He not only took the lead in the Tour de Astana race, he is not put in a position of defending a lead in the Tour de France.  Lance also looked good.  He obviously does not have the snap of his youth but who of us does.  He showed a little slowness on any fast acceleration but the form and stamina was there.

That responsibility goes to the best possible place.  AG2R.  A French team holds the Yellow Jersey.  With two hard days ahead you need a team willing to destroy themselves to keep the jersey.  What better motivation than a home team?  If they get through to the rest day, then the Italian rider with the jersey will ride into Italy with the race lead.  Can you script it any better?

With all this, what do you think was my favorite part of today’s stage?  It was the site of Fabian Cancellara descending.  In order to recover from two flats, Cancellara needed to do some nifty descending.  This is one of those skills that is so wonderful to see performed.  It shows why the sport these men enjoy is totally different than the sport we enjoy.


One Response to Class, you all get an A for today

  1. Gia says:

    That really was pretty incredible watching Cancellara catch up after the two flats. He lost so much time, but gave us a great show!

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