Lance injured in a crash

Well I’m sorry to disappoint those who thought Lance was some sort of immortal.  I mean, he beat cancer then won 7 Tours de France without touching asphalt, or even suffering a inopportune flat.  In 2003, he lost over 12 pounds of water becoming dehydrated.  Even dehydrated, be beat all but one rider.  He also beat them all by the time the race hit Paris.

Lest you think his feats were confined to the bike.  He ignighted a world wide phenomenon by wearing a simple yellow bracelet.  And to cap it off, Lance regained his fertility and in expecting a child in June.  Surely he is not like us.  The laws of nature do not apply.

One law apparently does.  The laws of physics.  Specifically gravity.  Today, Lance showed us that he is, in fact, human. In today’s Vuelta Castilla y Leon, Lance engaged in a battle with gravity.  This time, gravity won.  It also seems that his bones do break as he may have broken his collarbone.

What does this mean?  Well in typical Lance fashion, he may come out on top.  I believe he started the season focusing on the Giro.  He was setting himself up for a selfless role helping Alberto Contador win the Tour.  Most folks feel Alberto is the better rider.

When Contador blew up at Paris-Nice, Lance must have seen the door open to being The Boss of the Tour once again.  But one problem remained.  How to back out of the Giro.  

Now no one would fault him if he came to the Giro in less than peak form.  Injuries always force a rider to readjust their calendar.  So this may delay peak form from May-June until July.  How unfortunate.


One Response to Lance injured in a crash

  1. Al says:

    My tinfoil hat is firmly affixed to my head.

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