I have changed my mind on radios

2008-radio-blog-790880I used to think that raidos should be banned by professional cycling.  I watched too much technology ruin tennis, and take a big bite out of golf.  Then I had an Epiphany.  First, a little background.

You all know my passion.  My wife, Beth shares a passion for cooking.  I know very little about the art but definitely enjoy the end product of her labor.  The other day, we were in countdown to the arrival of guests for dinner.  I had just finished cleaning and noticed Beth running a bit behind.  I then offered to go to the food store for her.  Normally, this is a task that even I can perform with a high level of accuracy.  The only time I get tripped up is in the tomato isle trying to understand why there can be so many different varieties of canned tomatoes. 

So, I grab the list and head out.  When I arrived at Wegmans, I took my first good look at the shopping list.  There were things on there that I had no clue existed much less where to find them.  While I knew I was operating well above my pay grade, I was determined to get the job done successfully.  I asked store clerks as well as knowledgeable-looking shoppers.   I had found almost everything on the list without having to call back to the team car.

I finally realized I was up against superior competition so I needed to talk strategy with our Directeur Sportif.  Having too many objects in my hands, I bulled out my headset and called back to the team car.  The directeur talked me through the remainder of the shopping experience.  I don’t know what I would have done without the little voice in my head.


I know have a new appreciation for radios.


2 Responses to I have changed my mind on radios

  1. mildstallion says:

    You my friend, are a lucky man. As I told a recently engaged coworker, “When you get married, the food is MUCH better”.

    It sounds like you are a roleur when it comes to completing the grocery list. You’ll definitely need that link to the team car when you hit the high mountains at Thanksgiving.

  2. SpokeHead says:

    Peleton Jim,

    True grocery tour champions ride the aisles and traverse the check-out lanes weeks before the actual event. Radios have their place, I agree, but preparation is vital. Now if I could only find my grocery GPS device…..


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