An Eskimo who is satisfied with his ice purchase

How many water bottles do you own?  How many of those did you pay for?  Is the percentage approaching zero?  The other day, I counted 21 water bottles.  None were paid for.  The last bottle I bought was on vacation at a local bike shop because I forgot to bring one.  That is long since gone.

I had bottles from as early as 2002.  I know that because it was a 2002 Ride for the Roses bottle.  The valve was all chewed up due to the multiple opening and closings using my teeth.  So with all this free stuff, who in their right mind would pay for a water bottle.


After getting showered with water when the top of one of my bottles gave up the ghost, I started to wonder, “Am I getting what I paid for?” If I spent some money, would I get a better product?

So, I made a deal with myself.  I would buy 2 new water bottles and throw away most of my current stock of water bottles which have survived more for sentimental reasons than utility.

I read a review in VeloNews on the CamelBack Podium.  A quick web search showed a few more satisfied customers.  So, I plunked down $18 for two and gave it a shot.

I have to say, there is a difference.  Gone is the bite valve and it is replaced by a pressure sensitive valve that opens and closes on its own.  This should make the bottle last longer since I will not be chewing off the valve.  In the hand, the bottle feels more substantive without being excessively heavy.   The sturdy screw on cap keeps the water on the inside where it belongs.

Another selling feature is you will not taste the bottle.  This has never bugged me too much since the bottles I routinely use to not create an after taste.  But, I do have to say that I payed attention to the taste and it was true.

All in all I definitely got my money’s worth.  For less than 20 bucks, I got a great product and some shelf space where 19 bottles once stood.


One Response to An Eskimo who is satisfied with his ice purchase

  1. Nice review PJ! A co-rider in my recent charity ride loves this bottle. But whattaya do about your cages marking it up – or if you want to discard it during a race (not pro-like waste, but wanting it to pick it up later – will it still be there?)? At least the cheap bottles are expendable!

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