Sastre wins yellow

The yellowjersey either lifts you or breaks you.  For Sastre, he turned in a strong performance on Saturday.  Today’s performance made clear the Strategy of team CSC on Wednesday when Sastre attacked his own teammate of L’Alpe.  Sastre had the better chance to to time trial to victory than Frank Schleck.  I was asking myself if Schleck was that tired or did he drop back to provide a target for Sastre once Menchov and Kohl knocked him off the podium.  Probably not since once he was in Sastre’s sights, he didn’t stay there too long.

I’ll have to disagree with Paul Sherwen that Sastre rode an unbelievable time trial.  While it was strong, Sastre placed where he normally places.  I think it was Cadel who showed either the effects of defending his jersey in the mountains or the weight of yellow.  Cadel should have put in a top 5 performance.  His performance should have been on par with Christian Vande Velde which would have put him within 5 seconds of yellow.  At that point, things would have gotten very interesting.

I’ll lean towards the latter reason, yellow weighing heavily.  Take a look at Cadel losing his temper in a post stage interview.


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