Mano a mano and mano a mano

In the game of musical chairs for the Tour podium, it seems that Christian Vande Velde was the first out when the music stopped.  Tomorrow, we’ll see two more retired.  In my opinion, Bernhard Kohl will be next but who will be last to the exit door?

Look for two races within the time trial.  The first is to sort out first and second.  Sastre vs. Evans.  Cadel is spotting the Spaniard more than a minute and a half.  Too much?  The second race will be for the third step on the podium  This is between Frank Schleck and Denis Menchov.  Menchov is too far (2:39) from Sastre to threaten him for one of the top two but the Russian sits just 1:15 behind Frank. 

My prediction? 1) Evans 2) Sastre 3) Menchov.  While My heart has the two CSC boys first and third, I just can’t bank on that.

Sorry for the bad pun.


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