Epic Battle

Today showed why cycling is a team sport.  We saw that a strong rider with a weak team is at a distinct disadvantage to a rider who may be weaker but is surrounded by a strong team. 

Team CSC destroyed Cadel Evan’s support on the Col de la Croix-de-Fer.  Then in a three pronged attack, Carlos Sastre leapt forward and the two Schleck brothers picked on Evans like school yard bullies.  The younger Schleck kept Evans from settling into a rhythm where he could focus on bringing Sastre back.

It was interesting to hear Garmin Chipolte’s Matt White disagree with CSC’s strategy saying that a constant tempo on the Croix-de-fer was not hurting Cadel.  Then we watched CSC deploy a variable speed strategy on L’Alpe d’Huez. 

 Andy Schleck showed why he is being tapped as the next Tour phenom by dancing around the world’s best cyclist like a moth circling a flame. 

Alas, it may not be enough since Saturday will swing the advantage back to Cadel who is a strong time trialist and in a TT, you don’t need a team.


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