Matti Breschel takes Philadelphia

Once again, I had a fantasy weekend with Riis cycling aka Team CSC.  Lars Michaelsen, in his new director’s role hosted a few people for a ride with the team yesterday.  Lars is the thin one on the right.  The one on the left is John Axel-Hansen who handles all the “extra curricular” activities of the team. You will not meet a better person.  Or one with a great sense of humor. I’m the large out-of-shape one in the middle.

Yes, I get to keep the kit!

I could have predicted the outcome when Matti stayed out on course a little longer than prescribed to take us up the famed Manayunk Wall.  For those who don’t know, it is only 1K long but with an average gradient of 17%. To make matters worse, today’s 10 trips up the wall came when the thermostat kissed 100 degrees

A break formed early which included Tyler Hamilton of Rock Racing.  Given the heat and the distance the break needed to last, no one believed it would stay.  So the process of watching these men wilt in the coming hours was tough. 

The best part of the weekend was the relaxed atmosphere surrounding the team.  Given this is the last year CSC is sponsoring cycling, I didn’t know what to expect.  But the team feels confident they will secure a new sponsor soon enough.


One Response to Matti Breschel takes Philadelphia

  1. Debby says:

    17%?? 100F??? *faints just reading that*

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