Superhero vs. Villain

Good and evil, there is never one without the other.

Merlin, Excaliber (1981)

In all the comics, books, and movies I have read and seen, whenever a superhero is born, so is a super villain. Batman had the Joker. Obi Wan and Darth Vader. Pick the superhero and I’ll give you their nemesis.

Now I guess I should not be surprised that as the world is anointing Slipstream as the new superteam in the fight for a clean sport, I hear the ominous music of John Williams in the background. Yes, the man who wrote the one score that has kept a generation out of the water along with a sinister score that accompanied the center of evil for the entire universe. Cue the new supervillain. Rock Racing.

This follows the Hollywood script to the letter. Each side even has a member who was turned. David Millar, turned from the dark side and now fights for Slipstream while the boy next door, Tyler Hamilton, sports the dreaded skull of Rock Racing.


Ground breaking anti-doping program vs. rule breaking ex-cons. Argyle vs. body art. Who will win in the fight for the golden fleece of the Tour de France?



4 Responses to Superhero vs. Villain

  1. omc says:

    I can only hope that the dark side kicks the crap out of the phoney do gooders from Slipstream. What a complete farce from Boulder.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Let the games begin!

  3. At first I thought that RR would be good for the sport – and I gotta admit having Super Mario on was a major factor (I was a huge Saeco fan). But now I’m not so sure. I hadn’t heard/read anything like your comparison before (slipstream vs. RR) but it’s spot on. You ought to flesh it out and submit it to one of the mags. I esp liked how you pointed out the guys who turned.

  4. […] Guys 1 Bad Guys 1 Over this past weekend, the heroes and villians fought to a draw.  In the US Championships, argyle clad Dave Zabriskie retained his status as this […]

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