Cats and Dogs (Finale)

It might help if you read Part 1 for the back story. The premise is that most near death experiences are not caused by road rage or any deliberate act. What I am attempting to do is list the reasons so we can engage in discussions on how to make to roads safer for all who use them.

Today’s topic – “Et Tu Brute?”

Yes, it is not always the driver’s fault.  There is a piece of wisdom taught to those new to the sport of sailing.  While sailboats always have the right of way over power boats, that is little consolation to your widow.

When barrelling down that hill do you forget that we don’t ride on closed roads? Rolling through a red traffic light in order to break your best time on your time trial course is not the best way to finish the perfect ride. 

At the end of the day, I expect more cars and more cyclists on roads that will continue to suffer neglect.  Laws can only help after an incident.  It’s up to us to find a way for all of us to enjoy where the road ahead takes us.


2 Responses to Cats and Dogs (Finale)

  1. JB says:

    Road safety is a huge issue for all road users. As I have lost a few cycling friends to accidents with vehicles this is an issue that is close to me. If you’re looking to make the roads safer have a look at a new concept site called, basically you can report bad driving, road rage ect. It’s very new with only a few reports to date.

  2. Hey PJ- just catching up on some blogs and wanted to mention how much I enjoyed the “Cats and Dogs” series. You bring up some really good points to ponder. Happy New Year!

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