Wow blink your eyes and two weeks have gone by

I’m really getting bad at the posts.  I apologize.  I chalk it up to a monster travel schedule (20,000+ Frequent Flier miles in the past couple of months), laptop issues while travelling, and a general malaise.  This truly was a year to remember, or forget depending on your perspective.

Now we enter the quiet time.  The seasons (Cycling, transfers) are over.  The only real story is the CAS Appeal of the Floyd Landis decision.  I’m sure I’ll find things to rant about. 

2 Responses to Wow blink your eyes and two weeks have gone by

  1. Welcome back – even with the tough schedule, you’re STILL posting more regularly than me. Actually looking forward to the off season/purge and the clean start for next season. While I don’t expect CAS to do the right thing, there’s always a chance I guess.

  2. ddt240 says:

    To be quite honest, I’m more interested in the Mayo case and the blood passports right now. We have the alphabet soup stating outright that the labs don’t use the same testing procedures and pretty much can’t be relied upon to produce the same results, yet they want to implement doping controls that on the outside would seem to rely upon uniform procedures and results.
    Anyone see anything inherently wrong with this picture?

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