Bringing down the curtain on 2007

So, if the 2007 cycling season was a play, how would you review it? Here is how I would begin to organize my thoughts.

The play started with some fine acting in the early acts . Hometown boy takes the Tour of California. With a performance like this so early in the play, I was wondering what the writers had in store for the rest of the evening.

We also see a new actor in Albertor Contador steal the scene titled “Paris-Nice.” With acting talent like this, I hope to see more of him.

After some promising numbers early on,the writers introduce very complex storylines. Villains start entering from every direction. ASO, UCI, WADA, USADA, RCS Sport, and Unipublic all vie for center stage and the competition for the spotlight detracts from the play.

Then, the writers start killing off the main characters. Basso and Vino go down in a bloody mess making me think I was in a bad remake of a Shakespearian play. The writers try to bring back early hero, Contador, to save the play but to no avail. There is too much confusion, too many storylines. Much of the audience did not come back after intermission.

Then as if the play was not complex enough, the writers bring the back story of a fallen hero, Floyd, who is attempting to combat injustice of some of our main villains.

The play runs for another week or so when it closes in Lombardy on the 20th.  If this play is to shine on Broadway in 2008, it needs some major attention.


One Response to Bringing down the curtain on 2007

  1. Debby says:

    Double, double toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

    I know who the three witches are! (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

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