“Habemus Judicium!”

September 20, 2007


When the furnace began to bellow, everyone in the square looked up at the chimney with anticipation.  The smoke started pouring out and it became clear, a decision has been reached. When the decision was announced, there was a collective inhalation of breath due to the shock.  It is official, Floyd has been found guilty.

The panel, today voted 2 – 1 in favor of the USADA and against Floyd Landis.  Floyd will most certainly appeal within the month to the CAS.  The USADA is now 35 – 0 in its cases and one wonders if that points to a flawed system.  As ESPN points out;

This was a nasty contest waged on both sides, with USADA attorneys going after Landis’ character and taking liberties in evidence discovery that wouldn’t be permitted in a regular court of law.

I’ll  leave you to find your own peace with the decision. 


Things are beginning to change

September 20, 2007


This morning’s dawn brings us one day closer to a conclusion of Floyd Landis v. USADA, WADA, UCI, LNDD, RESPECT, (sorry). The atmosphere is continuing to change. Through the evening, we were joined by the paparazzi.


Like their salt water counterparts, they only come when there is a scent in the water. This brings further confirmation that we are nearing the end of this chapter. Depending on who you ask and when you ask, you get differing opinions on the outcome.

The one thing for sure, the Marshall of the Conclave and the camerlengo have performed their duties well, rendering this conclave leak-proof. I expect rumor and speculation to run through the square as we approach the deadline.