The dawn brings a new day but the same message

September 19, 2007


Even though the smoke remains black, the is a growing sense of anticipation in the air. Many of us are beginning to realize that this ordeal is moving, albeit slowly, towards a conclusion.

Many people have been holding this vigil for well over a year. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the original Floyd Landis conclave. I’ve met many great people in the square. It will be sad to see them go.

Given that reality, we’ve been relishing these last few days together.  While some will go to Lausanne for the inevitable appeal, some will wait for any civil action, some will go home to see their families.  No matter what, things will not be the same.

As we enjoy each other’s company on day seven, we watch and wait.  By the way, TBV plays a great guitar. Harmony goes to Rant.