The world watches and waits


In the morning chill of day six, we see the familiar signs of the chimney starting up to give us our morning communication. As expected, the color of smoke is also all to familiar. Black.


While waiting in this square, we missed George Hincapie take the win at the inaugural Tour of Missouri which also happens to serve as his coda for the Discover Channel team.

We are missing a good Vuelta which always seems to suffer from forgotten-child syndrome and this year is no exception. The “Best race no one sees” has given us some good racing.

The longest running team in the US, the Navigators, has decided to abandon ship (pun intended). This is especially difficult as the Navigators are based here in my back yard. My local bike shop served as their base for the past 14 years. It was not uncommon to see one or more Navigators training while I was out riding. I’ll miss those blue jerseys.

Well, that’s enough time in memory lane, I need to fold up my mat and get back to the vigil, Ciao.


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