Sun sets on day three

September 14, 2007


Three days down with up to seven to go, we may be in for a wait that goes the duration. 

If the verdict was preset, I would have figured a quick verdict as Rant has speculated in is mock drama a few days ago.

So what does it mean when the jury stays out a long time?  Is it good for the prosecution or defense? 


Day three dawns and the smoke is still black

September 14, 2007

Day 3 of the Floyd Landis Conclave dawns as the first ballot was burned in the chimney. The world watched as the smoke began to billow out from the stack.


Still black. I’m not sure what is left to decide in there. Maybe I should have the local pizza place go heavy on the garlic the next time they send out. After a few of those pies, they should be real anxious to get to a decision.