Conclave scheduled to begin today


All signs point to the commencement of the Conclave today. I see what looks like the Marshall of the Conclave preparing the door to be locked from the outside while the camerlengo is preparing the rooms for the three panel members (Capita Ordinum).

During this time period which can last for ten days, there is no contact with the outside world. Except, of course, through the chimney that we have been watching for some months now.


The buzz in the square is returning as the world prepares for its vigil. No one knows how the decision will fall. Will the Capita Ordinum vote with their conscience? Or will they vote along political lines? The secret ballot, or scrutinium, requires two-thirds to render a decision.


When a decision is reached, we will see the black smoke that has been streaming out of the chimney turn white. The doors to the central balcony will open and we will hear the announcement “Habemus Judicium!” “We have a decision!”


4 Responses to Conclave scheduled to begin today

  1. Paula Kirsch says:

    Hey PJ are you sure there isn’t a direct line to L’Equipe?


  2. pelotonjim says:

    Great question Paula. The conclave is a sacred process. All cell, computer, and any form of communication is blocked. I have been assured by the Marshall of the Conclave that the highest level of security is being engaged here and the Capita Ordinum will not have the ability to contact L’Equipe should their will falter.

  3. pelotonjim says:

    He told me this after I slipped him 20 bucks 😉

  4. Frankie says:

    Landis is a steroids addict—per his dirty urine.

    And he acts like a lying doper too.

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