Effective Communication 101

September 11, 2007

Using the press to have a conversation. Taught by the UCI.

Without actually formally contacting the Spanish cycling federation, RFEC, the UCI has requested that the RFEC open a formal investigation into Alejandro Valverde. We know from previous statements that the UCI feels that after reviewing over 6000 documents in the Operation Puerto affair, a couple of documents may indicate possible involvement on the part of Valverde.

On top of that, Valverde missed a doping test in Spain. For this, the UCI has hard evidence. An eyewitness. While the UCI was looking to give Valverde a doping test in Spain, the UCI was giving Valverde a doping test at the Eindhoven Team Time Trial. Ah ha! Who cares that the UCI was told that Valverde was not going to be home but working that day.

All this we know because of the effective communication processes at the UCI. Do they use FedEx, fax, post, phone, text? Nope, better. They use the press conference and press release.

Not to be outdone, the RFEC responded publicly with a huh? You want us to open a case? With what? There is nothing new here that we didn’t look at the last time we looked at Valverde.

UCI publicly responded:

“If they open the disciplinary proceedings the UCI asks against him, good, but if they say that they won’t do it, for us the situation won’t change because the rider won’t be in Stuttgart.”

When did we forget how to conduct a civil conversation over an espresso? Guys, take this as a piece of advice.  I generally refrain from using the term “they” when trying to work something out.  I try to call the person and talk directly to them.  But hey, that’s just me.  You do it the way you want.  I’m sure it has been a successful negotiating tactic.  You know, win-win, bridge building and all that?

I don’t know but when people choose to talk via press release, I question their intent. The agenda here has nothing to do with whether Valverde was or was not involved in OP.  Check out Rant Your Head Off for a more well written and in-depth discourse on accountability.

Valverde seems to break the chain by saying that if the UCI wants him out of the World Championships, they will not speak to his spokesman, the UCI will be speaking to his lawyers.