Still Black

September 10, 2007


People are filtering back into the square as the anticipation builds towards a decision later this month. Most people are looking to Wednesday as the start of the ten day waiting period. After the hearing is closed, the arbiters enter conclave to deliberate on Floyd’s case.  A decision is required within ten days.


That operates under the assumption that Dr. Botre is the last person the panel needs to talk with before closing the hearing.  I can’t think of who else needs to testify. Do we need to talk to Floyd’s first grade teacher? Is that incident on the playground relevant to this case?


The Russians are Coming!

September 10, 2007


Dennis Menchov is taking full advantage of the void of top riders at this year’s Vuelta. With many riders not in attendance and those that are here have no powder left from the Tour de France.

Menchov enjoyed a relatively “easy” tour when Michael Rasmussen first held the Jersey then left it at the hotel front desk for Contador. Dennis never really dug too deep where it affected his form coming into the final Grand Tour.

Dennis currently shares the podium with fellow Russian, Vladimir Efimkin (Caisse d’Epargne), and TDF runner-up Cadel Evans. I have to tell you, I admire the grit being shown by Evans and Carlos Sastre. They are riding very well after laying it all out just a few weeks ago in France.