Unibet officially out of Vuelta

For those who though that with Astana out of the last Grand Tour of the year that opened a spot for the final ProTour team, Unibet.com, you were wrong. I know there is no law prohibiting them from participating. Remember, Unipublic is the mini-me of ASO and RCS Sport.

Unipublic took 18 ProTour teams including end of lease Discovery Channel and added three additional Continental teams. Those teams are Andalucia – Cajasur, Karpin Galicia, Relax – GAM.

I think Unipublic is missing the boat. It is virtually certain that Unibet will no longer sponsor cycling at the end of this season. That should give the members of the team extra motivation to showcase their talents in the hopes of finding a job for next year.

Having a ProTour caliber squad desperate for jobs riding in the last Grand tour of the year should make for an exciting race. To me, that can only help the Vuelta which is looking for legitimacy as a Grand Tour itself. In my world, it is called a win-win situation.


2 Responses to Unibet officially out of Vuelta

  1. Debby says:

    With Discovery, Astana, and Unibet folding, are there enough open spots on current teams for the riders needing jobs? Will there be so many retirements and bans that it will all shake out? Or are there too many cyclists trying for the same spot? Just wondering.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Even if there are enough vacancies to absorb the riders (which there are not), there are the mechanics, soigneurs, etc. that will most certainly be out of a job. This is the hidden yet real cost of the ego play between the Grand Tours and the UCI.

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