Still trying to shake off that post Tour hangover

No one is a bigger Jens Voight fan than I. I tried to get into the latest D-Tour which has always been a great race to watch. Many Tour riders still on form come to fight it out over a challenging course in Germany. Still, it was rough.

With no decision in the Floyd Landis case, Operation Puerto as clear as mud, and Alexandre Vinokourov trying to clear his name in a most unorthodox manner, I have to say, I needed a little time off the blog to try to recharge the batteries.


I still don’t understand how Vino is clearing his name with an argument that cycling’s anti-doping rules are too strict. Is he saying that since he would not have gotten caught if he played another sport, therefore he should be free? How does that clear your name?

I don’t know how a focused and well researched blog such as Trust but Verify keeps putting out such a high quality blog without it taking a toll? I try to look at the cycling glass as half full . If I don’t step away, I see the glass as half empty. Then I wonder who drank that glass halfway down. Then I start wondering if they left germs on the glass. Then I start thinking Howard Hughes was onto something by fearing all the germs.

Hear I go again.

I think that while writing this, I have decided to purchase some Vuelta therapy on


8 Responses to Still trying to shake off that post Tour hangover

  1. strbuk says:

    PJ bless you for recognizing how hard it is to blog each day about the same suspended subject. Sometimes I wonder about that glass myself!! But when you start something this important, you must see it through.

    strbuk (praying for white smoke)

  2. Frankie says:

    Defending Roid Landis, a multiple confirmed steroid cheat, confessed witness tamperer, bald faced liar, and all round rotten human being is an illness.

    TBV will die a slow death as it is wholly irrelevant to saving Roid Landis’s legacy of deception and doping.

    His biggest crime was not earning a Nike endorsment like his ex-employer Lance had.

    Hopefully, Landis will receive his proper due, a LIFETIME Olympic ban.

  3. Ricardus says:

    Any fair person would admit that the only person who truly knows whether or not FLOYD cheated, is Floyd himself.

    For you to be so certain means either that you are are god himself, or just an arrogant fool.

    I choose not to live in a world where people are declared guilty til proven innocent. I choose to live in a world where all things are questioned, including Floyd, the credibility of those accusing him, the credibility of the lab, and the infallibility of the tests.

  4. Ed says:

    Frankie, don’t be a douchebag! Like Ricardus pointed out, every person or entity who accused Floyd has serious credibility questions themselves. Floyd may indeed be guilty but your knee-jerk indictment of him based on questionable data is premature and ridiculous.

    It’s easy to understand your cynicism about drugs in pro sports…if everybody seems to be doing it, then everybody must be doing it, right? Well, not everbody is doing it, and this French lab is notoriously sloppy in it’s handling of doping samples. That’s enough for me to withhold judgement.

  5. Frankie says:

    Roid Landis was busted. He is a steroid user. Embrace it!

    They all are, but Roid landis had no Nike contract and even Lance’s biographer Sally Jenkins dumped him after his witness tampering episode.

    Only very delusion people support Roid Landis now. He is a supreme fraud.

    If Sally Jenkins won’t support you—YOU ARE MEDIA TOAST, because she supports most cheaters. LIVE WRONG!

  6. pelotonjim says:


    I love to have differing points of view. By doing that, you get into a good discussion of a topic that we all have feelings about. We are now impressed that you are creative enough to use the rhyming terms to make your point. We got it the first time. The big mistake people make when writing is falling in love with their own creativity and then thinking others will not “get it.” Then the tendency is to use it over and over. At that point it gets annoying. Guess what, you are there.

    I’d love to hear a reasoned opinion as to why you are convinced of Floyd’s guilt. Try doing so without insults but with facts. Then you will be taken seriously. Otherwise, best wishes and God’s speed.

  7. […] those of us following the case closely, that is certainly the question. Over at Endless Cycle, Peloton Jim keeps a watch on the chimney, wondering when the smoke will turn from black to white. […]

  8. Morgan Hunter says:

    Hey Frankie – time to take the old meds. It may also be a very good idea to research into some anger issues.

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