Stones being thrown everywhere but at the yellow jersey

August 1, 2007

I took a couple of days holiday which left me little opportunity to find a computer and a little quiet time to think. But, that does not mean all has been quiet.

The ASO admits that they like the UCI as a group, they just don’t like the people. (I had a friend who had a similar view of California. Beautiful state. Would love to live there if it wasn’t for the people. I never quite figured that out.) Just like I can’t figure out the ASO. The UCI is Pat McQuaid. For better or worse.

Iban Mayo has an ‘A’ sample test positive for EPO. I guess the new rule book for the ASO is:

  1. Test ‘A’
  2. If positive, call L’Equipe
  3. Let rider twist
  4. Test ‘B’

I think Mayo does not need help from EPO as that drug only affects the body, not the mind.

Patrik Sinkewitz throws stone at self by saying in a weak moment, he used Testrogel before a doping control at a T-Mobile training camp. He exonerates T-Mobile and its program.

Astana needs some time alone to think. Taking the month of August to evaluate its future in the sport. They’ll have to think while standing still since BMC took their bikes and went home. BMC is evaluating its continued support with cycling. I would think a bike manufacturer would have little choice, but what do I know.

With all this ink being dedicated to the darker side of cycling, I’m shocked that none of it is currently being aimed at the winner of the Tour de France. We are three days away from the Tour and no one is assaulting the winner. While, I am glad to see this restraint (sic) by the media, this is a stark departure from last year.

Speaking of last year, I suspended the USADA watch with the positive test of Vinokourov as I thought it was unwarranted during the turmoil of the last week. I think that now, I can continue to call attention to the longest 10 days in cycling history.