Tour comes home head held high

The tour finished today after a long hard road. As the peloton come into the city of Paris, its size was testament to the battering the Tour took during this last week.

Still, the riders rose to the occasion finishing this race proud. I am left with the feeling that I can not fully enjoy Contador’s victory as it has come at a high price for the sport. On the other hand, I have a growing feeling in my gut that cycling turned a corner.

I feel bad for Cadel Evans. Finishing second that close to the top step must also be a mixed bag of emotions. Hopefully he will come back next year with even more determination and fire. I hope he does not torture himself over the winter by looking for those 23 seconds somewhere along the Tour route. Replaying the three weeks over and over again in his head. This Tour was too atypical to try to conduct a postmortem.

All in all, This was a tough Tour but one we needed to have if we are ever going to get to the other side. Human nature is to only fix things when they truly reach a crisis mode. Well, we are there. Here’s to those riders who raced and finished Le Tour!


2 Responses to Tour comes home head held high

  1. ed says:

    Is a quarterback battle in store for Discovery? Contador is the de facto team leader now but Levi knows he can win too. Assuming Johan can keep them both, what will happen?

  2. militantcyclist says:

    Im glad its over, but at the same time im not…im so Disappointed in the scandals during this years tour but yes hopefully cycling has turned a corner and people will realise that they cannot get away with doping.

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