I was also waiting for this

“Better to remain silent and thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

It seems that Greg LeMond is always looking for a chance to pile on. It is actually becoming a trademark. Today, he did a drive-by, spraying the sport with indiscriminate shots. Quoted in cyclingnews:

On Contador: “That’s sufficient for the red flag to come up.”

The only piece of evidence Greg uses for this accusation is that Contador and Rasmussen weigh the same.

On Landis: “If I think about Floyd Landis, who defended himself by saying that the samples were manipulated, that the French were against him and that there is no culture of doping in cycling… Maybe he is just naive, or maybe he is malicious.”

On the sport: “It’s obvious there are still dopers in the peloton.” also noting that “Very few riders get caught.” The obvious insinuation is that many riders are dopers.

Greg took one more shot at Contador when he said that Contador was involved in Operation Puerto. If Greg was not blinded by jealousy that the Tour de France didn’t shut down when he was done riding, he would have checked the facts as it relates to Contador’s involvement in Operation Puerto. In his possession, Alberto Contador has a legal document signed by Manuel Sánchez Martín, secretary for the Spanish court heading up the “Operación Puerto” investigation, stating, “there are not any type of charges against him nor have there been adopted any type of legal action against him.”


5 Responses to I was also waiting for this

  1. LuckyLab says:

    The he talks (and some others out there) the more I think he is a bitter ex-racer who is so full of his own abilities he can’t possibly believe anyone could be better than him, despite advances in technology (which he helped make a part of the peloton) and training. No matter how physically talented you might be, there will eventually come a time when you are replaced by someone else. Deal with it.

  2. LuckyLab says:

    Oops. That’s supposed to read “The way he talks…”

  3. Ed says:

    Greg needs to shut his pie hole if he can’t say something constructive. I’m surprised he didn’t accuse Lance while he was at it. I guess he feels relevant only when he can castigate current riders…Lance is yesterday’s news.

  4. Devan says:

    Greg LeMond is a drama queen. Between him, his wife and Frankie Andreau’s wife, they could start their own drama club.

  5. pelotonjim says:

    All, please let your feelings out. Don’t hold back. How do you really feel? 🙂

    Every time the camera finds Greg, I cringe. At one time I idolized him. Now in a perverse, he is creating what he is trying to avoid. His legacy is being destroyed. Not by someone else’s legs but by his mouth!

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