A new attitude?

All the young dudes (Hey dudes)
Carry the news – David Bowie

I continue to be encouraged by the next generation of cyclists. I think the attitude towards doping is clearly different. Scanning the blogsphere I see many young riders speaking out against fellow riders who try to cheat.

You would expect Bradley Wiggins to step forward as he has long been outspoken against doping. Other riders like T-Mobile’s Linus Gerdmann are stepping forward.

I’m not naive. Cheating in sports probably started about 5 minutes after sports first began. You will always have people who look for the easiest path. I firmly believe that if you want certain behavior, you make unwanted behavior harder than the desired behavior. That way, you can count on human nature to drive behavior to the easiest path. If a cheat can’t count on teammates to keep quiet and teams to turn a blind eye, you should have a much better system than one that just relies on testing as the main enforcement weapon.


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