This I’ll take as good news

Rasmussen was always the one I feared would be implicated. I continued to carry my fear throughout the tour. I shared this with a few friends and alluded to it in some posts and comments.

Having seen trial by media and not wanting to talk out of both sides of my mouth, I kept it shut. Please understand, I am not accusing Rasmussen of doping. That would be against everything I have stood for. I am saying that his actions were not at the standard we need to have if we are going to clean up the sport.

We have an expression at work and I’m sure you do as well. Not only do we have rules of misconduct but one guideline we are expected to follow is avoiding the appearance of impropriety. Rasmussen, by missing two tests and lying to his team did just that. I do not think he should be suspended by the UCI unless there is proof of impropriety. Being pulled out of the Tour on the precipice of victory should send a clear message to everyone that teams will not look the other way, nor will they allow riders to skate close to the line. This and his sacking is a penalty that should send the right signal.

We will look back on this as a turning point when the dark night began to cede to the dawn of a new day.


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