Finish the Tour

When the 2020 edition of Trivial Pursuit comes out with the question, “Who won the 2007 Tour de France?” no one will remember. They will recall that this tour was shaken to its core by the expulsion of Vinokourov, Astana, and Rasmussen.

That will be a shame. Saturday’s time trial is shaping up to be fantastic as a little more than two minutes separate the top two riders. For Cadel Evans, this may be his only chance to win a Tour. His gritty performance has earned him this opportunity. Alberto Contador carries on his shoulders the hope of the next generation. Both of these men do not deserve to have this happen during their opportunity at greatness.

With absolutely no air left in this Tour, one might want to pack it in. I say no. This Tour is cracking on the biggest hors categorie climb it has ever faced. Like its riders, it needs to settle into its own pace and soldier on.

While you think that no one cares, take stock in the fact that you are paving the way for the sport to survive and ultimately thrive once again. The road up to that goal will not be easy. There will probably be more steep sections that will come but they too can be overcome.


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