Bravo Rabo!

What Rabobank was both courageous and a great statement for the sport. The message to those all is that it is not just about evading detection. If you comport yourself in any way that is not in keeping with the image of the team, then you are out.

One previous weak link was the teams. Their posture was reactionary. Whatever you do on your own time is your business. If you get caught, then we will take action. Until then, nothing.

First T-Mobile then CSC put into place more aggressive measures to prevent cheating. Rabobank was the first team to take action on their own. Before the authorities get involved. They also did it with ultimate impact! This is akin to the San Francisco Giants taking out Barry Bonds right now as he gets set to break the biggest record in baseball. After all didn’t he lie about knowing the key players involved in BALCO?

Rabobank has set the standards for the remaining ProTour teams. This could be the Tipping Point.


3 Responses to Bravo Rabo!

  1. D says:

    I have mixed feelings about forcing out Rasmussen without a positive test, but he was deceitful to his team management, broke the rules, and disregarded all consequences. Such a serious result could force all riders to think more than twice about doping. I don’t know how Rabobank is still riding–except Menchov walked away; what a blow, to work for his supplanter and have it come to less than nothing!

    With Rasmussen out, and Astana and Cofidis suddenly gone after accusations against single riders, it feels like we’ve been watching a tour of ghosts. And perhaps a lot of sponsors, and riders’ careers, including innocent ones, will also fade away. At least Rasmussen’s expulsion was based on definite bad behavior, not a leaked A sample. It’s not much, but an improvement!

  2. Ed says:

    Jim, I hope you’re right about the tipping point. Damnation, I’m getting tired of curbing my enthusiasm when I see what appears to be a great performance. I miss leaping off my couch and yelling at the TV knowing that what I’m seeing is real human performance that I can only fantasize about.

    I think in the wake of this year’s Tour, we’ll see a lot of guys end their careers prematurely, and others move to early prominence. Next year there will be a whole new set of names to learn and get familiar with. Hopefully Alberto Contador will bear the responsibility of yellow maturely, that is assuming he wins.

    I hate it for him. You know he’s thinking, “I could have won the yellow on my own. I didn’t need Rasmussen to get busted.”

  3. Ed says:

    Contador did the right thing by resisting the yellow jersey yesterday until after the stage. No true professional wants to get the yellow jersey by any means other than winning it fair and square.

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