When things seem too good to be true, sometimes they are. This Tour was really shaping up to be one to remember. Now that will be the case but for all the wrong reasons. Vino’s ouster is a real big blow to this Tour which is on the brink. This is not good.

Vinokourov was rumored to be one of the “Men in Black.” A group of cyclists training outside the view of team officials and outside their team kit. Of deep concern is others rumored to be part of the MIB are still in the race.

5 Responses to Speechless

  1. LuckyLab says:

    I’m trying not to go too trial-by-media, but I have to start to wonder about the bonk-superhuman next day connection. I have had lousy days followed by great ones and I know I don’t dope. I hate that I now wonder everytime I see a great performance.

  2. Ed says:

    This sport may have to do a self-imposed death penalty for like a year. Then institute some serious, reliable, fair, and fast testing methods. Then and only then, resume the regular schedule of events, testing every rider prior to every race and every stage winner after, and hope the riders are smarter than they appear to be.

  3. pelotonjim says:

    I still looking for a solution to this mess that does not impose some sort of death penalty. That could kill the sport. A bold statement needs to be done but I don’t think those in power are capable of making a credible run at a true fix.

    Lucky, I’m with you on the trial by media thing that’s why I didn’t name the others rumored to be part of the Men in Black. But I can’t say that I am not concerned that we may have another incident with someone a lot closer to the top of the GC than Vino. A lot closer.

  4. D says:

    I never had a problem with the explanation about the unmarked kits being so that riders weren’t bothered by fans. I want to wait for the B sample before I condemn a rider I admire so much. I want to know why more blood samples were taken, but they are wasting time having them tested at the infamous LNDD. I have seen nothing about the team itself taking samples to have them independently tested–what a shame.

    But I am still getting up to watch the live coverage of the last Pyrenees stage tomorrow a.m., California time, no matter what.

  5. pelotonjim says:

    My too good to be true comment was pointed at this tour was turning out too good to be true. Great competition with no negative stories. Too bad.

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