I thought that it was impossible to bonk one day then head out on a breakaway the next. Isn’t that what happened today?

Alexander Vinokourov lost 28 minutes yesterday after a spectacular explosion. One bigger and badder than last year’s Stage 16. Today, he attacked right at the start, went on a suicide breakaway to win today’s stage by more than five and a half minutes.

I’ve seen this script before. Where was it????

I have yet to hear the comments of those who use last year’s less spectacular turnaround as evidence of wrongdoing. Do they think today’s performance can not be true? Are they searching the woods for Harleys?

I believe this year’s and last year’s performance was a combination of daring, luck, and skill.  The only difference between last year’s break and this year’s is that in 2006 the decision not to chase was wrong as it cost the race.  This year the decision was correct as it did not.


2 Responses to Hmmm

  1. LuckyLab says:

    You know, it’s funny but it’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw Vino go. What a ride by him, but more importantly, did it look like Rasmussen was in some difficulty after the repeated attacks? He responded and lost nothing to Contador, but he looked like he was working to respond more so than he had in previous stages.

  2. Rant says:

    Haven’t seen today’s stage, but it sure sounds familiar? Hmm, where was that? Perhaps on the road to Morzine last year? How long before someone suggests that Vino should have been violating every virgin within 100 miles? 😉

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