Ah youth!

Why attack on the last kilometer of a climb with a long descent to follow? If you are a 24 year old Alberto Contador, the question is more like “Why not?”

If these last couple of stages do not ignite a desire to attack your favorite climb then I feel bad for you. This is about as good as it gets. Gone is the cerebral tour ridden by calculating riders who always make the right decisions. Welcome to the Tour where anything can happen and usually does.

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut.


2 Responses to Ah youth!

  1. ed says:

    Epic battle between Rasmussen and Contador. I’ll want to go back and watch that again and again. I’m a huge fan of both now. How can you pull against either after the effort they each put in yesterday?

  2. Rant says:

    This tour is nothing if not dramatic. As Ed says, the battles between Contador and Rasmussen sound like they’re epic. I might even buy a copy of this year’s DVD, just to be able to go back and watch the parts I’ve missed while traveling.

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