This better not take two years and eight months.

The record for the longest conclave in history is reported to be two years and eight months. In 1268, the conclave convened to elect a successor to Pope Clement IV. Pope Gregory X was not elected until 1271.
It seems the USADA is wrestling with their decision. Hopefully this bodes well for the reigning Tour pontif.



2 Responses to This better not take two years and eight months.

  1. ed says:

    It occured to me last night during the expanded coverage that even if Floyd retains the yellow jersey, he will be completely forgotten if/when Levi wins the TdF. He will have no endorsements, no celebratory late-night TV appearances(except to be asked inane questions by Larry King), and worst of all, no satisfaction in victory.

    The wrongness of withholding a verdict for this long has far surpassed the wrongness of a doping suspicion. What a bunch of a*@holes!

    p.s. If he hasn’t already spent it on his defense, he should keep every penny of the prize money.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    That’s the biggest downside. Even if tomorrow there is proof of complete innocence, admission of guilt by LNDD and WADA, and front page coverage so no on the planet can still think he is guilty, it will no get Floyd what he lost. There would be no endorsements, no Wheaties box, no payday that should wait the winner of the biggest bike race in the world.

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