A different kind of fun

I’m not saying that I did not enjoy the Lance Armstrong years. In fact add to that the Miguel Indurain years. I’m about to say that I’m having a different kind of fun this year. The fun during the dominance of the last two patrons was an awestruck brand of viewing enjoyment. Watching two men and their teams control a race was a sheer display of their collective athletic abilities. In fact, while experiencing this current tour I am in greater awe of what they were able to do.

Now, with no real dominant rider, there is more unpredictability. Most of the leaders have great strengths along with glaring weaknesses that can and will be attacked by rival teams.

This unpredictability is fun to watch. We are seeing more attacks and counter attacks. No one can be listed as a clear favorite. I think yesterday’s interview with Levi Leipheimer is the most telling. When asked who is the favorite, all he had in response was an exhalation of air and a shake of the head. His confusion is our viewing pleasure. So I guess this is fun in a schadenfreude sort of way.

By the way, who said Cadel Evans could not attack?


One Response to A different kind of fun

  1. Ed says:

    So Jim, because there was not a single Discovery guy in the large break-away today, can we assume that Discovery has put all it’s eggs in the Levi-in-the-Pyrenees-and-time-trial basket?

    I like Levi, but he’s no Lance. Like you sagely pointed out, everybody has weaknesses.

    I thought for sure George or somebody would go with them today, for camera time if nothing else.

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