Second verse, same as the first

Sitting in Boston since yesterday and having no Versus coverage is getting to be a pain in the saddle. Thank goodness I could get cyclingnews coverage via my blackberry.

Another great stage with fireworks exploding everywhere. Michael Rasmussen decided to play with the big boys and forgo his traditional script for the polka-dot jersey and took on the GC contenders mano a mano a mano.  Yesterday, he showed some serious climbing when it mattered. Michael shattered the peloton and sent team leaders scrambling.

Michael also did us another favor. He showed us the future of cycling. The next generation comported themselves well with growing household names like Contador, Schleck, Gerdemann stepping up and letting us know that the sport has a future and it is an exciting one at that.


2 Responses to Second verse, same as the first

  1. ed says:

    Why didn’t Levi attack AV when he had the chance? He couldn’t have beaten Rasmussen(yesterday Lance would have had trouble staying with him), but he could have dispatched AV. Is it unsportsmanlike to attack an adversary when they’re injured? I don’t think so.

    I’ll bet Lance was sitting on his couch Sunday morning shaking his head thinking, “Go already Levi! What are you waiting for?”

  2. pelotonjim says:

    My guess is Levi was at his limit and could not attack.

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