First week a huge success

July 15, 2007

I had a fear that we would start off the week with a tremendous beginning in London which would then come to a screeching halt once we hit the traditional flat roads of the Tour. Well, as they say, the riders make the race. And make the race they did.

The sprinters had their time but did not dominate the spotlight. We had some aggressive riding, tactical errors, and day after day of spellbinding riding. All in all, cycling came through when needed most.

The GC men, with the exception of Vinokourov survived the first week unscathed. For them, you can’t win the Tour in the first week, but you can surely lose it. While Carlos Sastre survived the first week, I’ll need to see if his team did. While trying to defend the yellow jersey with a minimum of effort, they still spent a fair amount of time at the front. Let’s hope that comes back to bite them.

Week two stats off with another hard day in the mountains. Expect the fireworks to begin today.

As a final note, I’m OK with the USADA holding off their decision. I know who won the tour of 2006 and I didn’t see anything in their hearing to sway my opinion. I just have a bad feeling about the rest day.