Let’s make 1998 the demarkation point

July 14, 2007

The Tour de France is continuing to show that they are using the doping to further their own end. I’m not sure what that end is but the journey to that end involves a lot of prancing around like a peacock displaying its feathers.

The latest round of prancing was to announce that they were stripping Erik Zabel of his Green Jersey from 1996. The reason is his recent admission to doping. I honestly do not care about who did what pre 1998. once the Festina scandal hit, I think we entered a new era from “Don’t ask, don’t tell” to “Just say No.”

I do not believe this is being done because of a commitment to a clean sport. The reason being that the Tour is taking the winners of the Yellow Jersey and Green Jersey out of the record books for 1996. If they were serious, why leave the third jersey from that year intact. The polka-dot jersey of Richard Virenque.