Is CSC expending too much energy?

I’m a fan of both Faian Cancellara and team CSC. I’m enjoying seeing them set tempo at the front of the peloton this week. I can’t shake the feeling that they may be burning their matches a little early. We know Fabian is not a threat to the GC but CSC has Carlos Sastre who they believe is a threat. Will the team be there when he needs them?



2 Responses to Is CSC expending too much energy?

  1. Ed says:

    If CSC has any interest in the GC they are working too hard to defend. I may be wrong but didn’t Sastre get dropped by the peloton today? Maybe it was a crash or something. At any rate, he didn’t look in very good shape to be a contender, but then again neither did Floyd after what was it, stage 16?

    Why was AV in the back of the peloton today? If you wreck, you can’t catch a racing peloton in the final 20K. Is 1:09 too much to make up in the mountains? He’ll have to put in a good show at some point.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Sastre fell but finished with the lead group. Vino is is a “spot of bother” It is a bit too early to give away 1:00+ . There is truth to the saying that you can’t win the tour in the first week, but you can lose it. Vino didn’t lose it but he took a big left hook early in the round.

    The first hard day is always interesting as you never know how people will adjust.

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