Finally a typical first week stage

After two glorious days in England, the Tour de France got back to business. With the peloton firmly on the continent, the recipie was complete. Here are the ingridents:

  1. 188 of cycling’s top riders all on top form
  2. flat course to keep them together and preserve the energy
  3. a dash of wind
  4. narrow roads
  5. rain

The above recipe will guarantee that all riders from sprinters to the GC men will all try to be in the front. And class what happened when you try to fit 188 riders on a small, wet Belgian road? That’s right, a crash.

Early reports indicate that Erik Zabel’s insurance company may need to pay as he is listed at fault. Since the crash happened at the front, many riders hit the deck including the yellow jersey. While the crash looked bad from the helicopter, it only took out one rider, Discovery Channel’s Toms Vaticus broke his thumb pretty badly.

What was more interesting was the ‘gift’ that Tom Boonen gave to his teammate and leadout man Gert Steegmans. To my untrained eyes, it looked like Tornado Tom did not have the power to come around his compatriot and gave him the gift after the finish line. Tom is slowly getting a reputation for not coming up with the goods come Tour time.


2 Responses to Finally a typical first week stage

  1. Ed says:

    If Boonen wants to maintain his rock-star status, he’ll have to do something heroic at some point, ’cause it looks like youth is trumping experience in the Tour.

  2. pelotonjim says:

    Typical kids. Taking the glory from the oldsters. Didn’t they hear of paying dues?

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