Is there a 3 day rescission period on the UCI agreement?

If I sign a contract to buy or sell a house, I have three days to rescind the deal. In fact, on most major purchases, I have that option. I’ll bet Alessandro Petacchi wishes he had that right now.

Brimming with confidence, and an exemption for asthma medication clenched in his fist, Ale-Jet followed his legal train into the offices of CONI to clear the non-negative and open the door for his participation in the Tour de France. He was so confident that on Tuesday, the day after his hearing, he signed the UCI ‘voluntary’ pledge. That pledge says he will accept a 2 year ban and pay a year’s salary if convicted for doping.

Well, CONI did just that. Ignoring the medical exemption, CONI found the sprinter non-innocent. While CONI also ignored the mandatory 2 year WADA rule by handing Petacchi a one year suspension.

By signing the document, between the hearing and the ruling, Ale-Jet opens the door for that longer suspension and major fine. Tat should be an interesting CourtTV show.


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