Product Review

Things you don’t come between.

  1. Mother bear and cub
  2. Chuck Schumer and a TV camera
  3. A cyclist and his/her shorts

I have my everyday shorts and I have my long-ride-I feel-good-I treated-myself-to-these shorts. The later shorts are the Assos FI Mille shorts. I actually bought two pair, one in 2005 and one more in 2006. I think I am still paying them off. All my other shorts go into the hamper for washing by anyone in any way they desire. My Assos shorts never leave my sight until clean and put to bed in my cycling drawer. They are washed with care generally reserved for newborn baby clothes and other high value items. I once caught my wife putting them into the dryer with the other shorts. After she realized that my shriek was not due to a life threatening injury, she asked why these shorts were so special.

I tried to explain how they feel, how they worked but as a non cyclist, she didn’t understand. So I told her how much they cost. Her first reaction was horror at almost ruining the shorts. A second later her next reaction was “You spent what?!”

Competitive Cyclist has an excellent review on the two shorts in the Assos line. All I can do is quote Ferris Bueller. “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”


2 Responses to Product Review

  1. theresa says:

    Ok, ALL the money I’ve spent on cycling gear, clothing and even my bike; AND I haven’t sprung for a pair of Assos!! Are they really that good??

  2. pelotonjim says:

    They are expensive but not overpriced. You will not be disappointed.

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