Major League Baseball attacks doping problem

By ignoring it.

Tainted superstar Barry Bonds prepares to break what is arguably the biggest record in baseball. In response, Major League Baseball (MLB) has decided how to face the issue that this record may be set with the help of drugs. Some sports are pushing “zero tolerance” policy, baseball is trying “If I ignore it, it will go away.”

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Major League Baseball is quietly pressuring ballparks to keep out fans who are wearing signs and/or clothing that speak to steroid use. By hiding behind the “bad taste” rule, baseball is extending their definition of what constitutes bad taste. For example, in Arizona, Dod Regole was not allowed to bring in signs which said “Stop inflating records” and “Thou Shalt Not Covet Impure Gains.” The team cited a request from baseball to keep such topics out.

Baseball’s efforts even go to companies who do business with MLB. The article mentions that a fan, Tom Wilson, wants to make and sell foam asterisks to indicate that the symbol should accompany Bond’s record. Manufacturers and stores with MLB contracts will not manufacturer or sell the foam asterisks for fear of retaliation from baseball.

It is obvious that MLB cares more about the image of its sport than anything else. Maybe that is why MLB hired a high profile investigator 18 months ago never to be heard from again. Hold a press conference to look tough but never reveal anything that can be embarrassing.

Can you imagine trying to control what is painted on the roadways in the Giro and Le Tour?


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