Forget the ‘B’ sample, let’s rumble!

Alessandro Petacchi has asked that his ‘B’ sample not be tested and that his case be taken immediately to CONI, the Italian Olympic Committee for adjudication. In an attempt to keep his Tour de France hopes alive, the Italian sprinter feels he has a good case for overturning his ‘non-negative’ finding from the recent Giro.

On June 12th, information leaked that Ale-Jet had tested ‘non-negative’ after winning Stage 11 of the Giro. His urine contained 1320 nanograms of the asthma drug Salbutamol. A reading of over 1000 without medical clearance is considered ‘non good’. If you have medical clearance there is no WADA specified upper limit.

The deal is that Petacchi has a medical clearance to use this drug for his asthma. He is also citing the fact that in 2002, the UCI declared Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano’s reading of 1360 nanograms ‘non-non-negative.’

Also testing ‘non-negative’ was Iban Mayo for high testosterone. Mayo was cleared after reminding the UCI to look under TUE in his file for his Therapeutic Use Exemption as he has a naturally high testosterone level. (Virgins beware) Rule #1 of leaks, check your facts before leaking preliminary test data.

Leonardo Piepoli also tested ‘non-negative’ for Salbutamol after an out of competition test performed during the Giro by CONI found the drug in his urine. Piepoli also reportedly holds a medical clearance for the asthma drug.

I am still waiting to see more information on Danilo Di Luca and his reported low testosterone levels during the Giro. All virgins within 100 miles of the Italian rider are waiting to see if they can unlock their doors.


3 Responses to Forget the ‘B’ sample, let’s rumble!

  1. Debby says:

    Didn’t Periero have a TUE for Salbutamol too? It seems to me that an awful lot of cyclists have asthma these days. I’d love to know what percentage of riders in any given Tour have these TUEs for this drug. Just curious.

  2. Ed says:

    Did you catch Floyd on Fox & Friends this morning? He thinks the final word on his case will come down at some point before the TdF starts. That this has taken so long makes me think that WADA is dragging it’s feet while looking for a way to save face when they have to exonerate Floyd…let’s hope so.

    Has anybody read his book yet?

  3. […] Brimming with confidence, and an exemption for asthma medication clenched in his fist, Ale-Jet followed his legal train into the offices of CONI to clear the non-negative and open the door for his participation in the Tour de France. He was so confident that on Tuesday, the day after his hearing, he signed the UCI ‘voluntary’ pledge. That pledge says he will accept a 2 year ban and pay a year’s salary if convicted for doping. […]

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